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Investor Assurance

How your whisky investment is safeguarded:

You might not have heard of barrel investing but it is proven to be a
sound investment.

Investing in barrels of whisky might be a new concept for you, but it’s actually a centuries old Scottish tradition.

We want you to take your investment seriously and have safeguards in place to reduce your risk.

This is what we have in place to reduce your risk:

Registered on the PPSR

Your barrel is registered through the Personal Property Securities Register, managed by the Federal Government.

Monitored by the ATO

We can not relocate your barrel without permission from the ATO, who can audit us at any point to ensure your investment is being handled correctly.

Fully insured

Barrels are insured for your protection.

A tangible asset

You own a high demand commodity that we supply and store for you.

Fixed returns

This protects your investment against market fluctuations or economic downturn.

Guaranteed buy back

This means you will be cashed out within 3-5 years without having to find a buyer yourself.

Is this too good to be true?

You might be wondering how we can afford to pay you a 9.5% p.a. return.

When you invest in a barrel, the unmatured whisky is valued at $42-45 per litre.

Once the whisky has matured and we buy the barrel back, we pay you approximately $65 per litre.

We have buyers for bottled product at up to double the buy back per litre price. This makes our business financially viable and allows us to offer you fixed returns.

Hear from our barrel owners:

My wife and I attended the Distillery on the weekend to see where the magic happens. Brad the barrel master met up on site and did a tour of the Distillery. We heard the plans first hand for the future and as investors in the product it was great to see how it comes together. My wife did a tasting of a couple of the whiskies on hand from the barrels and certainly could appreciate the difference between barrels and thoughts on where to for these barrels for further finishing before bottling. We are very content with our investment to date and where Stn Lane Coburns is heading.
Stephen Wright
My wife and I spent a couple of hours with Mark and Brad at the distillery, on a misty, cold and wet morning. Mark answered all our questions without a hint of holding anything back and even provided information on things I hadn’t thought of. I would recommend a visit to the Distillery to listen to Mark’s vision for the future of “Coburns”. If you were to leave with any uncertainty of Mark’s commitment to the long term future of Coburns, and it’s commercial success, I would be amazed.
Gregg Peters
Great to see the Coburn dream and aspirations coming alive with such a dedicated team. Wonderful to meet Mark and Brad in person. It’s sure going to have some character! Congratulations on a full trophy room for your gold standard product!
Rayna Morris
Down the lane and over the tracks to a wooden building where the journey of grain and water begins. The whisky is of the highest quality, taste and aroma. The end result is a testament to Mark and his team! Passion in a barrel to be enjoyed now and forever.
Peter Dunworth

    How it works


    Purchase barrels of whisky at wholesale cost
    Early investor John spent $9,000 on a barrel of whisky with a fixed return of 9.5% compounding annually.


    As your barrel ages, the value of your whisky appreciates
    John’s returns compounded over 4 years as the whisky matured.


    At maturity, we will buy your barrel of whisky back
    We bought John’s barrel back at purchase price + returns for a total of $12,938.

    Barrel options

    200L Barrel


    9.5% p.a. compounded return

    3x 200L Barrels


    9.75% p.a. compounded return

    6x 200L Barrels


    10% p.a. compounded return

    Why a guaranteed buy back gives you peace of mind

    With most other whisky investment opportunities, the responsibility falls on the investor to sell the barrel at maturity.

    This places all the risk on the investor, to locate a buyer and negotiate the best possible price. Inexperienced investors find themselves selling an ultra-premium product to a professional buyer with decades of experience.

    How can this possibly work out well for the investor?

    At Coburns, we buy the barrel back at purchase price plus return once we determine the whisky has matured.

    This gives you a guaranteed exit within 3 to 5 years and removes the commercial negotiations from the investors responsibility.

    Frequently asked questions

    What is the buy-back guarantee?
    We will buy your whisky back once we have determined that your barrel has reached maturation (no earlier than 3 years and no later than 5 years). We will pay out the purchase price + the compounded return.
    When will you buy-back the barrel?
    Within 3 to 5 years, once the barrel has reached maturation.
    Who stores the barrel?
    We store the barrels in our ATO monitored bond store. The location of the bond store will be disclosed upon purchase of your barrels. The Australian Taxation Office can conduct an audit at any point without providing notice to make sure our records are up to date and barrels are being managed and maintained properly. We cannot relocate or remove your barrel from the bond store without requesting permission from the ATO.
    Can I try the whisky before I buy a barrel?

    We hold regular tastings in capital cities across Australia. Visit our Events page for up to date event information.

    How do I know that Coburns will honour the buy back?
    The quick answer is that the whisky in the barrel is worth about double the buy-back price. We have wholesale opportunities to supply our spirit to international and national markets each wanting all of the whisky we can produce.
    Who determines when the barrels come to maturation?
    Every barrel goes through sampling and testing. When a barrel is getting closer to maturation (between 3 to 5 years) we will then test it every 6-12 months until we determine that it has reached the perfect flavour profile.
    Can I keep some of my whisky?
    All barrels come with a buy-back contract attached. This contract allows you to keep up to half the whisky in the barrel and the distillery will buy the remainder back. For example: If you keep 10% of the matured whisky, we will buy the remaining 90% of the whisky, and pay you 90% of the buy-back amount on a pro rata basis. or If you keep 50%, we will buy the remaining 50% of the whisky and pay you 50% of the buy-back amount. Note: You do not have to keep any whisky at the end if this is just an investment for you.
    Can I continue my investment for longer?
    When the whisky in your barrel reaches maturity, you can choose to reinvest your payout into new barrels and continue your investment.
    How is this investment protected?

    We have a number of protections in place:

    • Every barrel is registered through a national register managed by the federal government called the Personal Property Securities Register
    • Your barrel is stored in an ATO monitored bond store, which means we can not relocate your barrel without permission from the ATO and they can audit us at any point
    • Your barrels are fully insured
    • Our contract offers fixed, compounding returns
    • The legally binding buy back contract means you will be cashed out within 3 to 5 years without having to find a buyer yourself.
    Is there a limit on how many barrels I can buy?

    Minimum investment is a single barrel purchase. There is no maximum limit you can own.

    How do I know that I’m investing in high-quality whisky?
    Don’t take our word for it! We’ve won awards from the world’s most prestigious competitions recognising Coburns as producing ultra-premium whisky.

    Join us for our regular whisky tastings.

    Taste the award-winning Coburns Whisky at one our upcoming tastings, held regularly across Australian capital cities.

    Diversify your portfolio and safeguard against uncertainty when you become a barrel owner.