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Subject: Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible Awards 4 Liquid Gold Ratings to Coburns on Debut

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In an unprecedented event, Coburns has achieved a remarkable feat by being awarded four Liquid Gold ratings on debut in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2024.

The Significance of Liquid Gold

The Liquid Gold award is a prestigious accolade in the whisky world, bestowed upon whiskies that reach the pinnacle of quality as assessed by renowned whisky critic Jim Murray.

A Liquid Gold ranking signifies a score of 94 points or higher out of 100 in the Whisky Bible, indicating a superior whisky of world-class caliber.

This distinction is highly coveted and recognised by connoisseurs and investors alike, marking the recipient as an outstanding spirit with exceptional taste and character.

Coburns’ Mythical Gods Quartet

Four of Coburns’ single barrel bottlings, each inspired by mythological figures, have been honoured with this prestigious award. We would like to share with you Jim Murray’s opinion on each of them:


59.15% ABV

Jim’s Notes: The Calliope is linked with poetry as, so far, the Whisky is speaking to me far more beautifully and romantically than any other in this set.

She was also a pretty famous muse, too. For a start, we are dealing with relatively spot on distillate where barely an atom of feint can be found and a wine cask which offers heathy honey to accompany the redcurrent tart. There is also a unique half peppery – half gingery spiciness in play which stirs up the tastebuds further.

A grandiloquent offering at times, it is multi-layering which offers the real poetry and elegance.

This can be my muse anytime.
94 points


55.1% ABV

Jim’s Notes: As Cybele was getting on a bit in real immortality, I was expecting this to be caked in oak. And as it happens, I wasn’t to be disappointed as tannin plays a key role in both the nose and finish. And it also acts as the anchor for the fruits to fire into orbit on delivery. That under-ripe gooseberry melding with the blackcurrant tart really is a brilliant signature while the mix of thin golden syrup and molasses really does special things as we lead into that oaky finale.

A beautifully made and matured whisky which offers delicious entertainment all the way.
94 points


55.27% ABV

Jim’s Notes: Named after my Parrot, Perseus. Better known to all as Percy. Percy, being a Myers, is resplendent in turquoise, green, yellow, brown and grey.

This (presumably) Port pink tinge in the glass doesn’t enter into things. Tannins tumble from the glass, giving this big weight from the very start while fruit – a kind of cross between pear and grape – only plays around the edges.

Probably the most complete delivery and follow through of the entire range thanks to the stunning harmony between the fruit, spices, big tannins and background barley sugar.

A very pretty boy.
94.5 points


51.09% ABV

Jim’s Notes: Somewhat perverse that the second weakest of all the whiskies in this set should be Zeus, the top honcho of the Gods.

If you are expecting fire and brimstone to be hurled at you, forget it. This malt is singularly about elegance and complexity. And if that was the plan, then they have succeeded.

Rather than this god being chiselled and hewn into a ceremonial statue, this is a tapestry of malt, the fruit is at its sharpest and most precise, the background barley sugar soothing, the spices creating rhythm and depth.

Complex and satisfying, the fruit piquant and zesty. this really is, fittingly, Coburns’ god of the gods
94.5 points

A Milestone for Coburns and our supporters

For Coburns, receiving four Liquid Gold awards before the public release of their whiskies is an extraordinary occurrence, an honour to have achieved so soon. This early acclaim is a promising indicator of the success and desirability of Coburns, not only for whisky enthusiasts and collectors but also for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with a high-quality, tangible asset class.

An Invitation to Invest in Barrels

As Coburns prepares for its inaugural release of its first range of whiskies later this year, the anticipation is palpable among the Coburns community and beyond.

The distillery invites investors to become part of this historic journey by investing in Coburns internationally recognised whisky.

With a starting investment of $9,000 and a fixed return of 9.25% compounding annually, Coburns offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of whisky history while watching your investment mature alongside the liquid gold in the barrels.

Celebrating with the Coburns Community

The Coburns team extends heartfelt congratulations to its dedicated team and the barrel owners who have believed in their vision.

This recognition is not just an award for the whiskies but also a celebration of the passion, commitment, and community that have been integral to Coburns’ journey.

The distillery looks forward to sharing these exceptional whiskies with the world and continuing to set new benchmarks in the whisky industry.

As Coburns gears up for its first release, both the whisky and investment communities eagerly await the opportunity to experience and invest in these exceptional spirits.

In a moment that feels like it’s been plucked from the pages of mythology, we at Coburns find ourselves in a state of sheer elation.

We never dared to dream that we’d be here, celebrating such an achievement before our first bottle has even graced the shelves. But here we are, and we’re inviting you to join us in this historic moment.

Invest in Coburns, and let’s raise a glass to dreams that soar to the moon and back (without sounding a bit like Elon).