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Your guide to investing in whisky

Written by Jenni Coward on . Posted in .

With over 500 individual barrel owners and 250,000 litres of whisky ageing, Coburns is a highly respected award winning single malt whisky producer.

Coburns is committed to guiding investors through the barrel investment journey to ensure them a positive result.

Understanding the investment term

The first step in the process is to ensure that the investor’s desired investment term aligns with the 5 year requirement for ageing premium Australian whisky. This allows Coburns to ensure they are partnering with appropriate investors for this type of investment.

Access to the best resources

Coburns has established relationships with top cooperages around the world, allowing them to provide access to some of the most sought-after barrels in the market. Coburns carefully selects maturation casks based on their quality, flavour profile and origin, ensuring that they are a sound barrel for the investor’s whisky.

Maturation and storage

After selecting the casks, Coburns manages the entire barrel ageing process on behalf of the investor. This includes storage of barrels in a secure location, managing the barrels, and overseeing the maturing and buying-back of the whisky at the end.

Coburns are experienced professionals ensuring that each cask is properly aged, maintained, as well as insured, maximising its value and potential return for the investor and the distillery.

Access to your barrels

Coburns believes in transparency and communication with their clients. Open invitations to visit the barrel store ensures that the barrel owners are always informed about the status of their asset.

Selling the finished whisky

 As the whisky approaches maturity, Coburns works with the investor to determine the best time for them to sell their spirit back to the distillery. 

Coburns has an extensive network of buyers allowing them to on-sell the matured whisky readily and removing the investor’s risk.

We are here to guide you all the way

Coburns understands that investing in whisky barrels can appear complex and a little bit challenging, especially for those who are new to the whisky industry. That’s why they provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the ageing of your whisky.

Coburns is committed to educating investors about the industry, the investment opportunities and the risks involved. They believe that by empowering investors with knowledge they can make informed decisions about their investments and achieve their financial goals.


Investing in whisky barrels can be a lucrative and rewarding investment opportunity, but it requires expertise and knowledge to achieve a positive result.

Coburns is a trusted partner that provides guidance and support throughout the investment process, ensuring that investors achieve their financial goals.

With Coburns reputation and its many whisky awards, investors can rest assured that their barrels are in the best possible hands and that they will receive a positive return on their investment.


Become a Barrel Owner today with Coburns.