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Whisky really is liquid gold

Written by Jenni Coward on . Posted in .

Did you know that rare whisky was classed as the best performing investment asset by the Knight Frank Wealth Report in 2020?

“Rare whisky has grown in value the most over the last 10 years at +564% and increased by +5% in the past 12 months”
(source: The Knight Frank Wealth Report 2020, p. 47)

While these statistics refer to glass bottles of whisky, they reveal the high demand for the best quality whisky. However it’s important to remember that not all whisky investment opportunities are the same.

Coburns gives you assurance when you invest in whisky for these reasons:

Award-winning, ultra-premium whisky

Not all whisky is created equal. Don’t just take our word for how good Coburns whisky is. We recently won 5 Double Golds at the prestigious San Francisco International Spirits Competition, positioning Coburns as world-class whisky.

Guaranteed buy back within 5 years

You won’t be left trying to find a buyer for your barrel of whisky, we store it and buy it back!

Compounded returns starting at 9.25%

Eliminate uncertainty and market volatility with a fixed interest rate.

End to end solution

We are not simply a go-between, connecting investors with whisky distilleries. We are involved at every step of the way – from manufacturing to buying the barrel back.


Invest in liquid gold when you Become a Barrel Owner.