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What Makes Our Distillery Unique

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We have built a reputation for doing things differently, and how we have designed and built our stills is no exception. 

Our two main production stills have both been designed by Mark Coburn and neither is likely to be found in any other distillery in Australia. 

The one above is a 3 Chamber still, one of two of its type in the world. Its primary role is to produce flavoursome, oil rich whisky spirit.

The simplest way to describe a 3 chamber is to imagine 3 pot stills stacked one on top of the other. Each concentrating the flavour from the one below.   

The 3 Chamber still cycles 1000 litres of wash (distiller’s beer) every 25 minutes, producing over 1000 litres of pure alcohol per 12 hour shift. 

This still is a sophisticated version of what would be colloquially referred to in the US as a Kentucky Beer Column. This is a continuous column still that is capable of producing 1000 litres of pure alcohol per 12 hour shift. 

Our continuous column still is an extraordinary piece of equipment. We are able to take spirit off at a range of strengths from 60% abv (120 proof) all the way up to 96% abv (192 proof). This still is the only one of its type in Australia which gives the distillery a broad range of spirit making capability. 

Join us on our mission to bring world-class whisky to the world by becoming a barrel owner.