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The Mastery Behind Barrel Selection at Coburns Whisky

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When savoring a glass of Coburns Whisky, enthusiasts often marvel at its unique flavor profile. One of the secrets behind this character lies in our meticulous approach to barrel selection.

At Coburns, we believe that the heart and soul of a great whisky is a direct reflection of the barrels in which our whisky matures. In fact, 70% of the whisky’s flavour is created by the time spent in our vintage oak barrels. But not just any barrel makes the cut; 60% of our barrels are 50 year old ex-Port barrels that have cradled vintage Port since the 1960’s. These unique barrels impart rich, nuanced notes of dried fruits, spice, and a subtle sweetness reminiscent of the aged Port itself.

Beyond flavour, our barrels lend our whisky its alluring amber hue and velvety mouthfeel, courtesy of the tannins from the wood. The dance between the spirit and the decades-old Port residues deepens its complexity, making every sip an exploration of tradition and craft.

The relationship between our whisky and our barrels is symbiotic. The wood breathes depth into the spirit, while the spirit, in turn, absorbs the rich legacy of the Port and the barrel’s own story.

At Coburns Whisky, our dedication to barrel selection goes beyond just aging; it’s a testament to our commitment to excellence, tradition, and the intricate art of whisky-making. When you next enjoy a dram of Coburns, let the history and artistry of its journey swirl in your glass and delight your palate.

The complex and long process to bring world-class whisky into the world is what makes it such a stable investment. The high-demand and under-supply allows us to offer our barrel owners fixed returns and a guaranteed buy back. Become a barrel owner today.