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The Best Whisky Glass In The World

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Seven years ago, Mark Coburn had the privilege of savouring whisky from a newly-conceived Denver Liely glass and from that moment, he envisioned how Coburns enthusiasts would experience our whisky when it was finally ready to bottle.

Frequently acclaimed as the Best Whisky Glass in the World, a partnership between Denver Liely and Coburns seemed like destiny. We’re excited to announce a strategic collaboration that promises to transform your whisky tasting experience.

Coburns has partnered with Denver Liely, the celebrated Melbourne-based whisky glass maker renowned for their innovative and visually captivating designs.

This partnership combines the pinnacle of Australian craftsmen with pioneering design, ensuring that each sip of Coburns offers an unmatched sensory journey. Mark Coburn, our founder, shared his excitement, stating,

“We are so proud to partner with Denver Liely knowing no other glass can as perfectly deliver Coburns to our customers’ lips.”

Get ready to enjoy Coburns exactly as it was intended.