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Quality, authenticity and experience

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We plan on making the best whisky in the world!

Quality, authenticity and experience are at the heart of everything we do, from the location of our distillery in the Southern Highlands of Australia, the hand-built barn-style distillery itself, the barrels we choose to age our whisky in, where we store those barrels and eventually to the custom bottle we put that finished whisky into.

Coburns is six years into a 100-year business plan to produce the best whisky in the world.

Winning medals isn’t the goal; the goal is to make the best whisky in the world. Entering competitions and winning medals is an important part of that process.

Going against the grain, we have chosen larger barrels, including 300L ‘hogs heads’ to age our whisky in. It’s often said that choosing a smaller barrel and increasing the surface area to liquid ratio allows you to mature a whisky more quickly. We believe that time is the secret ingredient and slowing the process down will produce more subtle flavours in the whisky.  

Our process seems to be paying off so far!


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