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Barrel investing isn’t new – just ask the Scottish

Written by Jenni Coward on . Posted in .

At Coburns, as the only whisky producer in Australia offering barrel investment, we often encounter people who have never heard of the concept.

Maybe you were the same until you came across Coburns. Investing in barrels might even feel a little risky or ‘out-there’ if you’re new to the idea.

But did you know that investing in barrels of whisky is a centuries old Scottish tradition?

We are currently in what some are calling the new golden age of whisky. In Scotland, whisky exports grew by nearly 20% in 2021. In Australia, whisky is the fastest growing spirit export and keeping up with demand is going to be the biggest challenge ahead for distilleries.


Join the ancient tradition of investing in a barrel of whisky when you Become a Barrel Owner.